Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quick Update

Hudson is doing great! He is such a champ. He had an ultra sound about two hours ago on his new kidney. The doctors just came back and told me that it went really well and one of the doctors said that it was even better than textbook. She told me that there is a perfect amount of blood flow throughout the new kidney and there is NO clotting. Yeah! I feel like we keep getting perfect news - Thank you Lord. When Hudson woke up about an hour ago, I started singing to him and then I began to ask him some questions. I asked him if I could have some kisses (not thinking that he would respond) and he started to sit up to try and give me a kiss and I was shocked. He gave me a bunch of high fives and when I would count to 10 he would say, "again." He is soo precious.

Donny left to go back to our hotel room ( which is just a mile away) to take a nap and a shower before Ty and Rustin come for a visit. My mom has been bringing Bailey to me every 3 hours so that I can feed her and get a little time in with her. It is a lot more work having another baby to take care of during this time, but I am blessed that Bailey is so easy and sweet and that the hotel is so close to the hospital. God always knows what I can handle, and I am also so thankful for all our family who is here to help us during this time. I cannot imagine doing this without them.

If everything continues to go well, Hudson will be out of the PICU sometime tomorrow and moved into a private room on the surgical floor. We asked the doctors what the steps are for Hudson to go home and they said:
- that he does not react to any of his anti-rejection meds.
- that they would be able to get a good blood level with his anti-rejection meds.
- that his pain would be under control
- that he would eat (and keep the food down)
- that he would have a bowel movement
- that he would keep peeing
- that Donny and I would finish our training for how to take care of Hudson's new meds.
Please join us in praying that these steps would be accomplished quickly and without any problems - I cannot explain how much you all have blessed us through your prayers and comments. We love you all. I have taken some pictures of Hudson and I am going to try and have them on the site by tonight. Isn't our God soo good?!


Anonymous said...

Donny and Kristi,
I have never met either of you (maybe Donny at SCS many many years ago), however, I feel as if we have been lifelong friends. I cannot explain to you how I have been affected by hearing your baby's story just since Friday. He is all that I have been thinking about for two days now. I am so joyful and extatic for you and your families that he is doing so incredibly well that it is baffling the doctors. It has affected me and my attitude towards my two little girls at home even. I have raced to my computer so many times throughout these two days to hopefully find another update.....thanks for being so dilligent to update your family and friends. I pray for such a miraculous touch and healing to his precious body. I truly cannot explain the emotions that I have had towards your family these past two days. Your strenth and faith in God is something so rich and pure, you have witnessed to so many even through these blogs. I will continue to pray for you both as well as precious Hudson, as well as Scott, such a genuine giver and servant. I truly would love to meet you someday.

Anonymous said...

Wow, God you have been at it again. Just showing your power and goodness.

I (Mark)was in Pittsburgh this past week for meetings at the convention center. Concurrent with the meetings I attended were the "transplant games." There were hundreds of transplant donors and recipients from all over the USA playing ping-pong, volleyball, golf and other sports and competing for metals in each event. It was a media event and a great encouragement to the participants and fans. Maybe Scott and Hudson can team up in a few years and take them on!

Kathy and I along with the boys rejoice with you, from here in Wheaton, at the goodness of God in these days to encourage you and confirm your future with Hope. All of GCD will be in humble praise tomorrow for God's goodness. Send 'grandma' back soon to us,

Mark and Kathy

Anonymous said...

Donny and Kristi,
This is Ken Pitcher, from JV in the Czech Republic. I just spent some time praying for you and rejoicing in how smoothly things are going. Thank you for sharing these difficult times with us, and allowing us to follow how God is leading you through this process. Our hearts are drawn to Him as we see His care in your lives!
Blessings today, and kiss your sweet boy from us and say hi to your mom for me!

Barb Prahl said...

Good Morning Champions!
What good news to wake up to. :)

Your lives are constantly encouraging to my faith walk. Oh My! I so love hearing your news and continually praise God for all He is and does for His beloved.

God bless you today and for all that is happening with each one of you.


carol guerra said...

This made my day!! Rejoicing with you all!! Kristi, when I would think/pray for you my mind would go to you weeping in the shower for Hudson's life (Donnie had related that in an email sent.) I would be in turmoil for must now be dancing for joy, and a new picture is emerging in my mind!!! Donnie, what alot has happened to mature (meaning you become more 'child like' and dependent on God!!!!)you in your faith since you were a young man living here...God has driven you to put into practice the theology you loved learning. I am so proud of what He has glad you have said 'Yes' to Him. God bless you all!!! Job36:15 - "He delivers the afflicted by their affliction and opens their ears in adversity"....something He is marvelous at doing. Much, mush love to you all. Marc and Carol