Monday, July 21, 2008

Bananas and a Big Suprise

Wow, today was another awesome day. Partially because our family and some friends were able to visit, but really because more doctors confirmed that Hudson should be able to come home before the end of the week and Hudson's day had been relatively pain-free. He's been reading more, talking more, even laughing a bit at some more Elmo sing-along stuff, though he can't laugh or cough too hard. Today he even tried some bananas for the first time, which he could never do before because of the high level of potassium. One of the greatest times of the day was what happened right after the pharmacist spent an hour going over his new anti-rejection medications, telling us how difficult they are to take for some little children. She no sooner walked out of the room than the nurse walked in with the most difficult pill for Hudson to get down and I decided to just try it in his mouth anyway. Within two seconds he swallowed it with no problem! The nurse was shocked and ran out of the room to go and tell the doctors - it was hilarious! It seems that everything is going smoothly, probably because it is. We were told today that his progress is much better than "textbook" and nobody has seen anything like it before. I would love to say that it is because our Hudson is such a tough kid, but the reality is that his body has been broken since it was formed and truly the Lord has just been gracious to him once again.

That moment with the pill was fun, but the truly the sweetest time of the day was when Scott and his wife, Kim, walked through the door to see Hudson. Scott spent the first few minutes reading to Hudson while Kim was filling us in on more of the details of his surgery, and then we spent some time just talking about life and other things with them. They have been such a tremendous blessing to us, I still hardly know what to say. I was reminded the other day of a trip Scott and I took together a number of years ago when we were some pastors in Russia that were trying to learn how to work with teenagers in a quickly morphing culture. At the end of the week-long conference, Scott and I heard some noise down the hall late at night and upon investigating, found a room packed with the pastors singing together, praying together and sharing food they had saved over the week for this modest feast before they spread out all over the country. Some of them had a seven day train ride spanning eleven time zones ahead of them the next morning but here they were, loving each other and trying to bless even us foreigners simply because we are of the same faith, part of the same body of believers. They gave us food, even to our objections, that some of them had saved for that train ride because supplemental provisions on the trip would be unavailable. They just wanted to give and they had joy in this, so we did not want to refuse them. I suppose this trip must have rubbed of well on Scott, because this is exactly what he did for Hudson. I'm sure you can see the joy in these pictures.

Please pray that Hudson will continue making progress towards recovery as there are still many things that must be accomplished prior to his discharge, including a satisfactory level of anti-rejection drugs absorbed into his blood and establishing a successful eating regiment. He really needs a bowel movement to be able to move forward in his recovery. Also, please pray for Kristi and me as we are still taking in all of the additional work that will be required post transplant for the first year even after we bring Hudson home; it was a bit overwhelming going over the schedule with doctors today. There are still a few surgical procedures left (a kidney biopsy and stint removal from his new kidney) and a strict regiment of daily drugs that will be difficult to adapt into our lifestyles, so pray we will continue to have peace, patience, and wisdom.



Anonymous said...

Now I can go to bed!!!....REJOICING!!I have been waiting to hear how the day was and very eager to hear a good report! Better than I even expected...and as I was going through a mound of papers on my desk there were the printed copies of Donny's emails from 30 weeks into Kristi's pregnancy. This has really been an adventure. You all look so contentedly happy in the pic, and Hudson is just adorable.

Anonymous said...

That would have been me...Carol Guerra

Rachael* said...

So happy, so happy, so happy! Thank you Lord!!!


GreenEggsandSam said...

hey guys, Sam Neylan here...just got to your blog from your FB update. I am adding you to my googlereader, so I can keep up with you.
Much grace to you guys...seems like God is very real to you...Praise Him for His kindness and trustworthiness!

OK, I'll be back!

Ashley, Rob and baby Robbie said...

Thanks for putting the link to your blog on your facebook page. I will pray for your family and little Hudson as often as you come to mind, which I'm sure will be frequently... it is painful as a parent to see your child suffer and be in pain. Your little guy looks like he's doing well - he's tough!

Love to you and your family,
Ashley (Armbruster) Livingston

Anonymous said...

Home by the weekend? Amazing! It's so wonderful to see God working in and through your son. The prayers for you are daily, as our His mercies!

Pete Daniels

Connie said...

Precious picture of Hudson with the banana! And precious picture of you two with Scott and Kim! Wow...brought tears to my eyes. You will be bonded to each other for life, no matter that you live on opposite sides of the country! What a great gift precious friends are.

Continuing to pray!


Barb Prahl said...

What unbelievable Love! These are wonderful updates and testimonies of God's beautiful grace.
Blessings on all of you again today.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool. We are so happy for you and it is soooooo awesome to see God's healing hand at work!
Thanks for all the up dates and pictures.
Love you,
Donna Griffin

Miss Hen said...

How wonderful and fun to read your blog and sense your enthusiams and joy in the progress Hudson is making. His pictures look wonderful. Who would suspect he just had super-duper major surgery. Also, a delight to read Scott's story and his willingness to be a donor. He looks great in the pictures too.

Praying for that BM -- how hilarious, but serious too:)

God bless you!!!!

Irma Henderson

megan gibbs said...

yeah! so excited and praising God that hudson is doing so well! can't wait till i can see you guys again :) hopefully that will be soon. praying for you daily...
megan gibbs

Anonymous said...

God is great and your kid is a stud. What an awesome combination! We have so enjoyed being part of this journey through prayer... what a reminder that God really hears us!

Now we'll pray for poop... who'd have thought we'd ever send that message up to heaven? :)

The Wilsons