Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm so excited!

Well, we waited for almost 40 minutes for the doctor to come talk to us after they told us they were done with Hudson's surgery, but it was worth it. We went in and got to meet with Dr. Healey who is such a sweet man and we got to hug him and everything. He was so nice to us and he just kept smiling at us because we were so excited at everything he was telling us. I guess it wasn't so much "we" as it was "me" (Donny kept it all in and I couldn't even finish all my sentences). I even hit my head on the wall when I was rejoicing. I couldn't believe it I was so excited. He told us that he took out the first kidney, the right one, and it was super small and full of cysts and that Scott's kidney was a good looking kidney and a good size for Hudson. The kidney was only out of commission for 2 hours and Hudson is already peeing really well. Everything was a step forward, he said, and it all went really smoothly. He was happy to tell us about changing the mickey feeding tube and taking out the dialysis catheter. He said Hudson was awesome and we are just super thankful for Dr. Healey.

After that we got to go back to see Hudson and he looked like my little tiger. He was extubated already because he is breathing so well that he didn't need any help with a machine. His new feeding tube looks awesome and I haven't seen the incisions yet (I couldn't do it), but Donny said it just looks like a red Sharpe pen from below his belly button to under his upper ribs on his right side. His dialysis catheter is also out and just needs to heal naturally, but now once it heals and with the new feeding tube, I can get to give Hudson a bath and he can swim with Ty and Rustin which I have waited his whole life for. I can't wait! The other doctors were really surprised that all this extra stuff was done, but I don't care. Deal with it, he's my Hudson. Bam!

Oh, and it was the cutest thing EVER. When Donny and I went back to see my boy, he was just laying there with his eyes open just a bit and he was making a little bit of noise. So I started to sing to him and Donny asked him, "Who loves Hudson?" He whispered super softly, "Mama" and then closed his eyes again. That's my boy! I love you so much, Hudson. He's in pain but will be on drugs for probably a day or two and he really doesn't look puffy at all. He looks just like he did for all of the other surgeries and I am so proud of him. Right now he is getting a scan to see how much the kidney is filtering his blood and then we are moving to the PICU for a few days. They only let one parent stay the night, so Donny will be there while I will be at the hotel nearby with my mom and Bailey. This will be REALLY hard for me because I never leave my Hudson after surgery, but God has been working on me to just trust Him and trust Donny too. I do, but please pray for me that I won't get too nervous.

I am so thankful! Thank you God! I didn't even tell you yet but this last night we were rooming right next to a little boy and his family who had a kidney transplant last week and I have always thought he was just the cutest kid in the world. I wanted to adopt him, so I asked the nurse, but she told me he already had parents. To be honest, I was a little bit bumbed out b/c I love his fro. Amazing, but I am glad that he has super nice parents. But anyway, I was able to talk with the parents a bunch yesterday and see their son and it really helped me to relax and trust God for this surgery. And also, God gave us one of our favorite nurses in Seattle (My most favorite nurse in Chicago - you know who you are!) and she was a really big encouragement too. Side note: she was the one who helped me name Bailey. I even slept better last night than I expected and I have really been feeling the blessing of all your prayers. Please thank the Lord Jesus for protecting and helping me and my Hudson and please keep asking for more help to get him home as soon as possible.

One other prayer request is really important, though, and that is that the University of Washington hospital does not have any room for Scott so he is stuck in one of the recovery rooms with almost no privacy and in a pretty uncomfortable bed. This is ridiculous that they won't just make room for somebody who just gave up a life saving organ, but it is what's happening right now and I'm sure its disheartening for both Scott and Kim. I guess Scott's not in pain right now but he's still pretty medicated. Anyway, this is important, so please pray for him.

Thank you all!
love Kristi


Kerri said...

Praise the Lord!!! May God continue to bless your family and may God's hand be on my brother n law (Scott) and precious Hudson during this time of healing. Recovery room or private room I'm sure Scott's handling it like the trooper he is. I will continue to pray for your family, Hudson and my Sister, Kara and Scott.

-Kerri Lancaster, Davenport Iowa

Rose Dias said...

This is really awesome news! God has that little boy in His big strong arms and He's not going to drop Hudson. We are all rejoicing with you (plural)!

The Walters said...

Scott just got a room! Yahoo!


PTL PTL PTL!!! We have had eleven of us watching for each "update" and are sooooo rejoicing! It is an awesome God we serve and He IS greatly to be praised! We see Scott just his room:-) THANK YOU LORD! I just cannot tell you how much we are rejoicing!! Such wonderful wonderful news!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus!!! We are so thrilled to hear of the success of the surgery and give all the glory to our Master Physician! God is so GOOD! Thank you Donny & Kristi for allowing His light to shine through you during some very dark and unsure times in your life. I pray that God will continue to allow you to see the seeds you have sown. We love you all and will continue to pray for Hudson and for Scott as they recover. Blessings! Steve & Kim Matson & Crew :o)

lindaj said...

Hooray!! We are praising the Lord with you, and so thankful for this great news. A word to Scott--We don't know you, but we are praying for you. What a blessing and example you have been to us all. Elmo sends his love to Hudson!

Philip said...

Praise God, we began praying last night and as we sat down to dinner David read us your blog. We will continue to pray for Hudson and Scott as they recover. God bless, the Webbs

Frank and Cathy said...

What a day! Rejoicing with you and your sweet fam. To God be the glory forever and ever.
Love, Frank and Cathy

Anonymous said...

Praise God and may He be glorified.

Thank you for sharing Hudson's, Scott's and your journey with us. It is an amazing testimony of God's grace.

Tanya Provost said...

Praise God and God alone for each and every provision... He is amazing!!! How blessed we all are to be children of the living God! What glory is His and is displayed through each and every one of you, especially Hudson and Scott! Love you all and praying diligently as your faith becomes sight through these moments of grace!

Connie said...

Praise the Lord! Oh how we are rejoicing at all the good news from this day!! I could hardly wait to get up this morning and come look at the blog for the news...sat with tears streaming down my face as I read everything. God is thankful for what He has done thus far. Will continue to pray for all of you, including Scott and his recovery. Love you ALL!!!

The Baligians said...

This is great news!!!! God is so good and faithful!!
The power of prayer is amazing! We've been praying and will keep praying from Ireland!

Blanchard Pickles said...

We have been praying for this and are so EXCITED that God has answered our prayers in bringing Hudson and Scott through this..WHAT AN AWESOME GOD WE SERVE...We will keep praying you all through the next several weeks that healing will be smooth and Hudson will just continue to improve..We love you all and rejoice in this great news...

Darby Etchison Blanchard

Scott & Connie said...

Yeaaaaaaaah God!
Yeaaaaaaaah Vankers!

We have had you in our prayers and on our minds all week, all day yesterday, all night, and first thing this morning. We just read your latest post, and we are so thrilled and excited for you both.

Having been through this type of thing ourselves (having your son go through life-threatening illness/surgeries), we really empathize with you, and we continue to be amazed and awed by our incredible God.

We will continue to hold you, Hudson, your family, and Scott's family up in our prayers. Please continue to update us through your blog (how cool is that?!?!)

Scott & Connie

carol schuldt said...

thank you, Jesus! Heal as only you can, Hudson and Scott.

praying with love, Eric and Carol Schuldt

Cathy Moore said...

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning" James 1:17

"Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!"

My heart is so happy for you guys! Scott and Kim must have been heaven-sent ... what true friends to give little Hudson the gift of hope... the gift of life!

Alan & I will continue to pray, pray, pray! Your WHOLE family is in our daily thoughts and prayers!

I am so glad this blog was set-up for you... another gift! I was sad when Donny wrote that he was not going to write e-mails any more! This is awesome! ... And, I can go to Lindsay's & Emily's blogs too to see what is happening in their families.

God BLESS you and keep you!
Cathy Moore (and Alan Moore)

Rinkers said...

HI guys,
Praising God with you. Hug Scott from us too - when he's not hurtin. Sarah still remembers that he taught her how to fish. It is no secret what God can do.
The Rinkers

Anonymous said...

The Prince of Peace reigns forever; we will rejoice when we open our mouths and speak the name of the Holy One of Israel. May this nation never forget his mercies and his grace. The Lord God, oh Israel, is One. He has healed us; we are humble and thankful. In His mercy He has not forgotten us. He will dwell with us forever. Blessed be the name fo the LORD.