Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A bum deal!

Last night we had Scott, Kim and Kara come over for awhile to visit with us before they left for their home in Tennessee. I was great to see them before they left. Just trying to get settled home from the hospital didn't leave us with tons of time to be with them, so last night was sweet for us. Scott had his final check up yesterday and the doctor told him that he was doing really well. I always love having a doctor tell me that I am doing well! Donny and I still are having a hard time comprehending what they have done for Hudson and our family. Sometimes I feel like he hasn't even had a kidney transplant, it's all very strange. He's crawled a few times and eaten a few things, but really other than more talking, we haven't seen a huge change in him yet. I'm trying to be patient, but its hard. We've just waited so long for him to get better. I am hoping that he will overcome so huge milestones that he hasn't completed yet.

Thankfully, Scott is doing well, but Hudson is in a lot of pain. He has an extremely bad diaper rash and is bum is soo raw that we have to keep him naked and continually put creams and ointments on. He was even a bit dehydrated yesterday because he has had so much diarrhea and we've been trying to pinpoint what exactly is causing it, his new meds or the new formula he is on as he is trying to get his appetite back. We think its the food, so we're trying some new things tonight and hopefully he will be back to normal tomorrow. Please pray for us as Ty, Rustin, Donny and I have all been sick since we came home and THANKFULLY Hudson has not caught anything. Please pray he stays healthy from whatever we have going through our house and that his bum will heal quickly so that he can sit up and move around again.

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Continued prayers! Trusting you will see improvement each day with Huson. God is faithful and greatly to be praised. Thanks for being so diligent in giving us "updates" We are sure there are not enough hours in a day!!