Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He has moved on

It's official: Hudson has moved on from Elmo. It's not that he has anything against Sesame Street, but he has simply fallen in love with the great international hero, Micky Mouse. He talks about the furry creature all day long!

Hudson is really doing very well right now. His medications have been stabilized for a few weeks, his vocabulary has practically tripled since the surgery as he repeats everything we say (even with funny sayings like, "Oh nuts!") and he has grown significantly. He has gained over .5 an inch and several pounds, and for a little guy like him, this is quite a lot. Hudson is an incredibly happy kid when he is not bored, though his continued inability to walk brings him to this state quite often. Please pray he will continue to grow in strength and ability as his mind wants to take him much farther than his body will.

Thank you for praying for Kristi and our family as I had the older boys at our church's high school summer camp. The camp itself was a phenomenal success and Ty and Rustin did just fine, though they were exhausted at points, and I am thankful the Lord was able to carry Kristi through the couple of days of discouragement she dealt with. Things can still be very difficult to handle emotionally at times and we do covet your encouragements and prayers.

Enjoy the video! M-i-c-k-e-y... M-o-u-s-e!

Blessings in the Lord,


Anonymous said...

Oh my! On to bigger and better things with MICKEY! LOL! That video is darling! We were so glad to hear you and the boys had a good time at the retreat:-) As always...please know we are praying and praising God for the good progress we are seeing in precious Hudson! God is so good and greatly to be praised! THANKS FOR THE UPDATES! We know it is hard to find time with such busy lives! P.S. Tried posting as Em suggested but that did not work either:-( Elaine Carter

Elaine Carter said...

Checking out again and trying as Em said....hmmmmm....let's see....yep! This time it DID work so it must have been me! Glad to see that.....again...THANKS!

The Abazis said...

No matter how many different shows I encourage Tommy to watch, he still is an Elmo nut. I'm sure you're enjoying the shift to new characters as well. :)

What a sweetheart! I just love hearing Hudson talk and miss you guys so much. Tommy talks about you all often. Love you! Linds

Linda Crowley said...

Hurray for Hudson... and Mickey Mouse! :) Thank goodness for the joys of childhood! Meghan just sent me your blog address and it's great to catch up a bit! I am praying for Hudson's continued growth and strengthening right now... and yours too.
Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I know you are extremely busy but one question...how is Hudson doing? We look daily for updates but know it must be hard for you to get here. Regardless....we just want to tell you WE ARE PRAYING! Blessings.....The Carters...."and crew" :-)