Monday, August 4, 2008

Great and suprising news

This morning, Hudson's creatinine number was all the way back to .3 and the doctors are no longer concerned about anything! Also, he seems completely over his cold and even the clonus appears significantly milder than just a few days ago. Nobody knows why or how these things happened, but we all (including our doctors) are just very happy and relieved. We did not really do anything differently except pray much more as I know many of you did, and we are thankful that the Lord listened and helped our son. The Bible says in Psalm 141:2 and Revelation 5:8 that the prayers of God's people are like incense to Him, a sweet aroma to His senses, and He loves to hear them and then respond. Thank you for lifting them up before the mighty God.

Also if any of you are interested, there is a television show called Hopkins about things that take place in John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore that recently aired an episode that really resonated with things we have been through with Hudson. The link is:

This is an amazing episode to watch (#6) if you want to see what happens during a kidney transplant and also when a premature baby who is not supposed to be able to breathe is born. The steps they took are extremely similar to what they did with Hudson when he was born, though the cause of the condition is not the same. My only caveat: this is terribly sad at parts and we sobbed through much of it. However, I still highly recommend it.


James, Reese, Lauren said...

Kristi- It has been way too long!!! I get random updates from Karen and Tori... but glad I have your blog... Praying for Hudson. Hope all is well!!!


Anonymous said...

Greetings from NY. We are so thrilled everything turned around in such ashort time. What a Mighty God we serve! We will continue to pray for you all and send big hugs across the continent.

With much love, The Walters

Anonymous said...

Thanking our compassionate God with you for this good news and answer to our prayers!

Jenifer said...

Praise God for His kindness and goodness!! May He continue to do things that can only be explained as the work of His hands.

Much love,

Erika said...

Praise the Lord! I'm so glad Hudson is feeling better and that his body is faring better. We're praying for your whole family and we're both really proud of you both. You must be exhausted but you set a fine example of parents who rely on the Lord. You both run a fine race :)

Anonymous said...

We are thrilled! And will continue to link arms with you from afar.
Love, Kerith