Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ty's first day of school!

Today was Ty's first day of school! He loves his new class (11 kids) and he told us that he has never been as excited about anything in his whole life as he is about his school. He can't wait to learn how to read, write, paint, and do other things he can't even think of yet (in his words).

He had a great time and is "super excited" to go again tomorrow, even while we are at the hospital for Hudson's surgery. I can't believe our Ty Ty is old enough to go to school. Where did those 5 years go. I will miss him at home,but I know he is ready for this and I couldn't be happier to send him to his amazing school. We couldn't be more proud of him. Plus, doesn't he look so cute in his uniform.


Phil Peterson said...

Donny seems a little young to be going to school, doesn't he?

Blanchard Pickles said...

Oh Kristi
Ellie headed off to Kindergarten this year too.. She was so excited and ready to learn.. God is so amazing in how He prepared us for these moments...I hope Ty has a wonderful year.. We are so thrilled at Hudson's progress and continue to pray for you all..