Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best Mother's Day Ever!

This Mother's Day was super special for me. Donny got up early and made me breakfast in bed (which was super tasty), he gave me the best flower arrangement (from our local farmers market), and to top it off he gave me some presents, one of which was a necklace with a picture of all the kids holding their Mother's Day signs. I love it when D makes crafts with the kids, it makes Mother's Day so special for me. I tell him every year all I want is something crafty from the kids and each year Donny delivers:). This year was one of his best! I did not get a picture of the flowers, but trust me they were amazing! Thanks for making me feel so special D. I love you my sweet children. They are my greatest joy and accomplishment. Here are some highlights from the day.


Kristi Bowers said...

THAT was precious!!! You are one lucky mommy!!

Lori Jackson said...


I think you might deserve the mom of the year award. I am amazed at what you have weathered these last years as a mom and how it has not taken you under. I am really proud of you and know that your mom is too, cuz she told me so this last week! Well done Kristi! And I am so bummed we won't see you this summer.

GreenEggsandSam said...

SOOOOO awesome! LOVED the video!
Kudos to all players! AND, it made me miss you so much!
some day...
-sam :)